Canmore hotel a 122 year old landmark in the bow valley.



I manage the Canmore Hotel, a 122 year old landmark in the bow valley. We were the first bar in Canada to allow a female bartender and the first bar in Canada to have a jukebox!

We have been hosting live music at the Canmore Hotel since we opened in 1890, and still today, we have live bands 2 or 3 nights per week. We're historically known as a great place to see original music coming out of western Canada, but today, things have slowed down for us when it comes to original music that draws enough of a crowd.

I see this as a two-fold problem. First, there just seems to be a lack of promotion across the board when it comes to original bands that draw a crowd that are available to us. Secondly, we are in even more need of a new promoter / booking agent.

This has had us booking more and more of the super talented cover bands from across western Canada. We still have great numbers and our shows are very popular, but our heritage is in promoting original bands and that's what we really love.

We have a really great venue that is about to undergo a major renovation and I want to be in the best possible place to be everything we can be when it comes to living up to our history as the place to see new, original live music.

The Canmore Hotel has a steeped history of rock and roll and it's a really great live music venue. I am planning a Grand Re-Opening in about a year, and I plan to really use the time to best be able to live up to our 122 years of live music heritage.

I feel like Long & McQuade has always played such a big part in Canadian music and I really look forward to discussing any possible ways that we could work together.

Thanks, and all the best

Jon MacKenzie -403-678-5181


The Town of Canmore is located 106 km (about one hour's drive) west of Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway #1, just before the entrance into Banff National Park.