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"Bill Kidney and Complete Control give an honest account of life in the music that drives them. They have a great natural sound that can rock or carry emotion in equal measure. Always fun, often provocative, the boys enjoy what they do, and that shines through." - Peter James, Co-Director of The Green Festival - Moncton, NB"Take a songwriter that leaves audiences wanting more and add a band that loves to lose control..... you get one rockin show!!!" - Jonathan Crouse, CKBW - Bridgewater, NS"Their song '25 Miles' has me hitting repeat a lot. It's a raspy and sexy take on an old style, and is so intriguing to listen to." - Tracy Rafuse,"Bill Kidney & his band rip it up in fine style! Smooth, hard rock guitar & vocals! Great true to life song writing that Bill easily relay's in such tunes as "I Wanna Know" & "25 Miles"! You will be hearing plenty from Bill Kidney & his bandmates in the future! Another fine halifax artist!" - Tanar Repchull, Director/Host -Indies On Eastlink - Halifax, NSAbout Me:First off, I'm not going to write this bio in a way that makes it look like someone else wrote it. My name is Bill Kidney. I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I grew up here playing music. Started on the keyboards when I was four years old. I traded the keyboards for a guitar at some point in the mid-teen years and got to work writing and learning to play. In my early twenties, I started traveling the world for various employment reasons and dragged my guitar along with me and made sure I played in every hole I could find. Now I'm back and I've got myself a band full of talent who are all hungry to play and to have people come out and rock it up with us! At our shows we play original music from our 2006 debut release "Perception" as well as lots of other songs that we have written since then. We've always put on rockin' shows that have kept fans coming back for more. Over the years, we have been very proud to have shared stages with Joel Plaskett, HELIX, MIR, Chad Hatcher, The Divorcees, Fed Pennies, Faded Blue, Gloryhound & The Skyhawks, Mainstreet Exit, Sleep to Dream, Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers and many, many more. Now, enough about us... tell us about you!"


Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Bruce Springsteen, REM, Bob Dylan, U2

25 Miles

25 Miles

album: Perception

genre: Rock

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