About BitterlyDivine

Bitterly Divine is a Vancouver-based, new generation rock band. A thundering bass line and syncopated First Nations drumming define Bitterly Divine’s sound. Hard driving with a swaggering sense of fun, their songs also have cross-over power: They sing about Aboriginal issues, yes, but, as confirmed by all the non-Aboriginal faces in the audiences, everyone relates to songs about troubled journeys, lost girls and the wicked glories of youthful sex. Five of the seven-members group come from the Squamish Nation. Initially a blues band – they learned the 12-bar songbook of the Chicago greats – think an over-amped Sonny Boy Williamson propelled by a 300-pound drummer, with hints of the Who and Nirvana thrown in the mix -- they quickly established themselves as a must-see Vancouver band, playing more than a 120 gigs over the last three years. Musicologists suggest because Bitterly Divine grew up in communities with an oral culture, the band magically adjusts its presentation to a particular audience and venue. “Could be.” As lead singer Tewanee Joseph bears his soul about the lows of an inner city childhood, or the disgrace of missing Aboriginal women, he connects on an emotional level that can be disarming. Little wonder the band now plays to increasingly bigger audiences at local and international events. Bitterly Divine is on a mission. No longer a cover band they have gone into the studio to record 10 original songs. Stay tuned. Their cd release drew over 600 people on June 20, 2009 at the River Rock Casino and was the “biggest First Nation cd release” in Vancouver history.


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