Keep Your Musical Dreams Alive

By: Art Murphy Posted in: default  published03/01/08 07:00:00PM 

You know music is a wonderful world,where would we be without it ? It can make you happy or sad, make a memory easier to remember or get you through some rough times,yes it is part of our lives.For those starting out the thoughts after...

Glace Bay

By: Wildchild Posted in: default  published03/04/08 07:00:00PM 

Glace Bay Rocks  myself and Steve McNenly Harmonica jammed out at Dooleys and had a good time with the people there. Thanks Glace Bay

It was fun at FINN BARS In Bedford hope to see you soon.

New videos up!!

By: agiovannetti Posted in: default  published03/05/08 07:00:00PM 

Hey all,
 Head on over to Shot On Site Media's website  and check out some footage of us and the rest of our Company House records family!!!

Dooley's Glace Bay

By: Wildchild Posted in: default  published03/10/08 08:00:00PM 

Hey come out to Dooley's in Glace Bay on April 12  myself and Steve McNenly Harmonica player from Sydney will be playing some BLUES and Blues Rock and some Classic rock tunes.The people there can get us going, so...

Matt McKay Posts New Song: 'Matters'

By: mattmckay Posted in: default  published03/12/08 08:00:00PM 

Hey everyone, I've posted a new song called 'Matters.' It is off of the Matt McKay CD, and is actually an old song previously recorded by my former band Bitterhead. I hope you enjoy the acoustic version. As always, thank you so much...

Artists hand out their wares with a photo

By: richard Posted in: default  published10/26/04 08:00:00PM 

Most new artists hand out their wares with a photo and some kind of bio. In it, names are dropped and influences listed in an attempt to give the reader a glimpse into the artist's background and the style of the music you will...

LeDrew brothers grew up in St. Johns

By: chris_ledrew Posted in: default  published10/31/04 07:00:00PM 

At a time when rap, urban pop and nu-metal have taken over the airwaves, Brothers In Stereo is an important new band. "Our debut record contains what we believe is vital for great rock and roll - loud guitars, stark production, killer...

I am a native Indian from Squilax.

By: palomo87 Posted in: default  published01/22/05 07:00:00PM 

I am a native Indian from Squilax.I write and play all original music. I have been playing bass and guitar for 17yrs. I have played with such...

French music is a bit like a "French Kiss"!

By: DaniellePotion13 Posted in: default  published10/28/05 08:00:00PM 

French music is a bit like a "French Kiss". The first time you do it, it feels a bit strange but the more you do it...the more you like it! Enjoy...

The Brothers

By: chris_ledrew Posted in: default  published04/28/06 08:00:00PM 

The Brothers Andrew and Chris LeDrew were raised on their fathers record collection, and its evident when listening to their music.
The Beatles, The Who and Bob...

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