Jane's Recording Tips - MIDI vs AUDIO Recording - What Is The Difference?

By: jdaris Posted in: site news  published08/13/16 12:00:00AM 

When you have just started to set up your home recording studio, then one of the most confusing things is what is the difference between audio and MIDI recording? This question comes up so much that it is the first video in my complete video course on how to connect and record your keyboard on your computer. 

And even if you don't play the keyboard, but want to record something else like your voice or a guitar, you will find it is so useful to understand the difference that I am sure you will find this video helpful.  If you want to know more after watching this video, then do check out my post on What Is MIDI.

And if you want to see the rest of this course, then it is completely FREE, and all the videos are on this page: