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Blues Element

Main Ingredients:
Composers Jamie Browning and Iain Green
1 bowl of blues
1 pinch of pop
1/2 jug of jazz
1/4 cup of country
A dash of folk and a splash of funk
Jamie sings
Iain drums
Mix well (with others)

Toronto's Blues Element is the vehicle that has been bringing the song writing skills of Jamie Browning and Iain Green to the stage and into the studio with the help of the best friends and session players love, money and barter can buy.

The duo has enjoyed working with an amazing array of talent in the studio and in live performances since they started writing together in 2004. Currently they are not playing live regularly, but they are gearing up to record their 3rd release, which they hope will join "Baby's Got The Blues" (2005) and "Are You Ready" (2008) in homes and on radios around the world.