Dwayne Ferris

About Dwayne Ferris

     Dwayne Ferris is a singer/songwriter and occasional yodeler who hails from the shores of Grand Lake, NB.  Dwayne has been writing songs for a few years but in May 2015 he received an Akademia Music Award out of Los Angeles for his song Memories Of Dad. He then had 3 of his songs in 3 different categories place in the semi finals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

     Having deep seated roots for country music, Dwayne recently recorded a 10 song album called My Moonlight Yodel. In addition he studio recorded a new gospel song and two songs with a new country style.  Down to earth, dedicated and versatile best describe Dwayne Ferris.  He writes songs from the heart to tell a story about life, love, loss and yes even some laughter.  While all of the stories are not about him, they are about someone at sometime.

      Dwayne has a unique style and voice where he doesn't try to imitate anyone.  When asked who he sounds like he would say 'Dwayne Ferris of course'.  While he is a serious singer/songwriter he has a heart of gold and enjoys performing for the seniors to take them on a path down memory lane.  Dwayne Ferris has a passion for songwriting and singing, is well respected for his community involvement and is definitely on the climb up the ladder of success. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then music is the key to the heart and Dwayne can certainly touch your heart and soul with his visual songs.



Randy Travis, Wilf Carter, my dad

Kisses From Heaven

Artist: Dwayne Ferris
Genre: kisses from heaven
Duration: 00:03:19

This song was written to bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones and miss them at Christmas time. Visualize the gently falling snow as kisses from your loved one and it will bring you some peace and comfort