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Yamaha Band Competition 2016

By jdaris, 2016-08-15


(A) To enter the Contest, create and upload an original video post on YouTube of your band or group, performing your original composition live, with the tag “YB16” and mentioning +YamahaCanadaMusic in the comments. You must clearly name all performers in the band or group, up to a total of (6) members for every member to be eligible to receive the final prizing. Your post must be a live performance, include the tag and comment mention, and comply with the YouTube.com terms of use and the content requirements (detailed in rule #4 below). No other entry method will be accepted. By entering your video performance, you will automatically receive one (1) entry into contest. Limit of one (1) entry per performing group. Complete details here..

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When you have just started to set up your home recording studio, then one of the most confusing things is what is the difference between audio and MIDI recording? This question comes up so much that it is the first video in my complete video course on how to connect and record your keyboard on your computer. 

And even if you don't play the keyboard, but want to record something else like your voice or a guitar, you will find it is so useful to understand the difference that I am sure you will find this video helpful.  If you want to know more after watching this video, then do check out my post on What Is MIDI.

And if you want to see the rest of this course, then it is completely FREE, and all the videos are on this page:


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Discovered by Daffodil Records chief Frank Davies as part of his LOVE Productions company who was developing and licensing artists outside of Daffodil Records itself.256

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IMSTA FESTA | October 15,2016

By jdaris, 2016-05-13

RTA School of Media at Ryerson University

Welcome to IMSTA

The International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA) is a nonprofit association which represents the interests of the music software industry. Its primary goal is to change end-user behavior in order to reduce the demand for pirated music software. IMSTA pursues this goal through education and not litigation.


Software companies deserve to get paid for their hard work just as you deserve to get paid for your hard work. Most musicians would not equip their studios with stolen hardware, so why equip your studios with stolen software?



With a two year plan in the works, the CFMA will deliver the largest ever Canadian Folk Music Awards in Toronto (Dec 2016) in our 12 year history. Our overarching theme will be supporting folk and roots musicians and the industry as a whole in Ontario, across Canada, and internationally. To help expand everyones market opportunities, we are partnering closely with Folk Alliance International to make Toronto a huge success. We also aim to raise the profile of folk and roots music across the Canadian public, in all genres from classic folk, world, aboriginal, francophone, and innovative, creative new music. In Ontario alone, we estimate an audience of over 500,000 people and a dollar impact value of $44 million.

Looking forward to seeing you all there in Toronto in 2016!


Canadian artists who have released recordings between June 15, 2015and June 14, 2016are eligible to submit their work for the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Artist eligibility criteria applies to all categories. Canadian artists, for the purposes of this competition, are defined as follows:

A Canadian citizen or;A landed immigrant or;A person who has resided in Canada for two years (including the eligibility period).In the case of group submissions, at least 50% of group members must fulfill one of the above definitions of Canadian artist.
Sponsored By: OMDC is...
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the provinces cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.

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FACTOR - Assisting Canadian Talent

By jdaris, 2016-05-09


Looking for additional information about FACTOR and the independent Canadian music industry?

On the Industry Links page, you'll find contact information for our colleagues, the Canadian music industry associations and royalty collection organizations.

Check out the Infographics page for a graphic look at FACTOR's funding activities and impact.
Need to find funding for your project?Visit the Other Funding Sources page.

Juried Sound Recording

The Juried Sound Recording Program (JSR Program) funds a portion of the cost of production of an original full-length sound recording, and contributes to the marketing and promotion of that sound recording under the Marketing, Tour Support, Showcase, and Video Components. All JSR Program applications must include the creation of a new, previously unreleased Qualifying Album.

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Well Folks,

It has been a long journey writing, recording and preparing this album for release. But as of today “No Dark No Light” is out in the world and I am so excited for you to all hear it.

Below are some links so you can get a taste of “No Dark No Light.” If you feel like spreading the word through social media and word of mouth, please knock yourself out…


Thanks again



No Dark No Light on iTunes


Buy a physical copy (Paypal or credit card) direct from Ken: 



NDNL Sampler video https://youtu.be/Y6mEEFErqIs


"All Gone" Lyric Video https://youtu.be/OOHdXFEw6pw


Twitter: @ktizzard  or @NoDarkNoLight69

No Dark No Light Tour Dates:

Thursday, March 26  Halifax - The Carleton

Saturday, March 28th  St.John’s - The LSPU Hall

Saturday, April 11th Cobourg - The Loft

Friday, April 17th Picton - The Acoustic Grill

Friday, April 24th Peterborough - Market Hall

Friday, May 1st Kemptville - The Branch

Saturday May 30th  Ottawa - Irene’s

Friday, June 19th Campbellford - Westben
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Put together via a survey of over 1,500 artists and company officials, it found that those bearded, vintage-clothed guitarists darkening the doors of independent coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall bars across the country are contributing a whopping $300-million to the economy in 2011 (the year examined), which isnt exactly strip-mining-Northern-Alberta money, but might be enough to convince Jason Kenney to stop in at Zaphod Beeblebrox next time session ends early. Right?

Anyway, though, nestled in among those many millions are some revealing little facts about what being an independent musician in Canada is like. And man, if Grizzly Bear thought they were living rough, well:

Almost half of the music companies in Canada thats everything from record labels to people who rent out gear and the like are sole proprietorships, meaning that goateed guy with the stringy hair isnt just a talent scout, hes also your potential manager, groupie wrangler, accountant and entire publicity arm. They are apparently some total lone wolves, though: a fifth of music businesses have been at it for at least two decades.

Full Article Here..

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