About Julian_Ray

Julian Ray  is a composer, whose fantasy and imagination will lead you to the world, filled with bright vibes and soothing melodies, where his music, as a mysterious bird, smoothly soars between clouds of picturesque textures and hypnotic soundscapes.

As an independent and solo artist, he produces all his music entirely in his project studio. He released five music albums: "Seashell Stories" (2008), "Saga" (2008), "Wonderful Life" (2009), "In Flow of Light" (2010) and "Argonauts of Kosmos" (2010) with Cosmic, New Age, Ambient vibes. Currently Julian is working on a few music projects - "Garden of Mysterious Souls", "Starry Tale" and "Evolution".
Over the last few decades Julian was involved into different activities in fields of music, theater, psychology, philosophy and art.

His educational background includes music and psychology.

Discover New Age with Julian Ray - review by John P. Olsen, editor & host of New Age Music World