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I (Peter August-Sjödin) was born in Nakusp. Later moved to Squilax Indian Reserve where I spent the rest of my youth playing in the forest and learning the Indian ways. At nine years old I started playing acoustic guitar and electric bass. Within a year I became very efficient at both instruments. In 1993 I did a solo tour of Mexico and again in 1994 and 1995. Upon my return to Canada I decided to go to school for my Gas license. At the end of my apprenticeship I received an award for the top academic apprentice in all of BC (easily over 8000 apprentices). I was always practicing music about 5-8 hours per day. I began to play restaurants, nightclubs, festivals and almost every benefit there is. My goal was to play with as many people that I could and learn every style of music well. In 2005, I was labeled the Best Bassist in Canada. I currently have one CD released called “Tribal-Live in SA”, and one more coming out this summer called “Uncle Bob”. I have also had the great pleasure of playing with Les Batenses, Les Copeland and our very own “Richard Underhill”. Richard Underhill will be appearing on our other live CD called “Jass yunk”. My future aspirations are: To be one of the top ten Bassist’s in the world, To have 1000 Cd’s recorded and to play a world concert with My two son’s Rainmaker and Jonah raven.


Victor Wooten, Primus,Ministry, Steve bailey



Run Away

Run Away

album: Tribal-Uncle Bob

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