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***please judge my music based on the songwriting not the home studio production capabilities. i am here as a songwriter, not a producer! thanx.

...the demo albums of Robert J.A. MacDonald.

i enjoy combining a variety of influences into the music, from the intensity of black metal, to the quietness of folk, but with the accessibility of melodic hard rock. I like fat harmonizing grooves, charging tempos, and nice long solo sections. I love technical riffs, songs that challenge my abilities. I find that one can describe an emotional idea in greater detail when more notes are involved. (harmonies and scale riffs, etc...) But don't get me wrong, I also find that simplicity is the key to accessibility!

i've been writing music most of my life, and recording for the last 9 years, I have mountains of material, yet to be recorded! I like being able to record my own stuff, it allows me to have total creative control, every possible idea can become a reality.

thanx for stopping by and having a listen! feel free to contact me at:



...really way too many to mention- alternative to black metal to classical, and anything indie!

a time to make of peace (metal)

a time to make of peace (metal)

album: 'cities of the gods' 2008

genre: Metal

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