About RobGandhu

Hi , my name is Rob


I live and work in Moosejaw


Expeirenced drummer with good gear and transport looking to join or form a rock / heavy metal band preferably with the intent of writing songs and/or doing some cover work


I do write lyrics and play guitar very well , I have an understanding of theory and can work with a click track


Also looking to fill in on gigs / recording sessions, I am versitle with covers and can learn quickly


Versatile style can play more than metal style and can reconfigure drums to suit stage or playing requirments


10+ years of experience


have own recording equipment , mics , (PA coming soon ) and place to rehearse


influences : metallica , pantera , van halen , ac / dc , Tool , Rush , etc , all challenges accepted , and open minded to new styles and concepts


I am reliable with no vices (drugs ,etc ) and have an extremely good work ethic and am easy to work with and accept guidance and constructive criticism well . I am a total team player and an asset to any unit I belong to


a small sample of me playing can be found at



text or email anytime