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Sarah Halabecki band is a “happy accident” of sorts that started with Sarah recording a solo EP and bringing in Richard Miron to help out on bass. She asked about other London, Ont. musicians he might know and he mentioned Chris “Cal” Levesque (Guitar) and Ian Gifford (Drums) both of whom he had met at jam nights and the like. Ian and Richard had long wanted to work together and Sarah was a recent transplant from Brantford with Cal fresh out of school (GIT). So they got together in a basement in late fall 2013 and the chemistry was instantaneous and Sarah Halabecki Band was born.

All four are multi-instrumentalists with a vast collective experience. Cal was a student of GIT in Los Angeles, Richard's played since his teens and plays some fine guitar and percussion. Sarah started guitar and songwriting at the age of 12 and also plays keyboards, while Ian was performing as part of “the cymbal line” in The Bluewater Buccaneers drum corps at the age of 9 as well as singing in choirs. 

About a year and a half later, the band has recorded their first album produced by Ian and recorded by him and Simon Larochette and then later mixed and mastered by Simon at his busy London studio “The Sugar Shack”.

“In a Balanced World” is a collection of 8 songs that highlight the chemistry that the band found from their very first meetings. All songs were written by Sarah and played by musicians that share the belief to only play the parts that serve the song. This is not a band of egos but one of a shared love for music. So fitting it is then that the opening track is “Music” about how the craft drives and moves us day to day and how we go to great pains to get to where we are as evidenced in the line “In a balanced world, you'd be so easy!”


Sarah's songs on this record range from playful, yet melancholy (Simple), to delicate and hopeful (Leave this Town) to deeply pained yet defiant (Curl those Fists, Numbers). All of them have a touch of darkness even though the mood can be playful and taunting. The set is closed out by the convicted and self aware “Set On”.


Armed with what the band feels is a great sounding record that they can all be very proud of, they look to dive into 2015 with excitement and a great passion. A fun and engaging live band they are excited to bring these new songs to festivals and clubs and various other stages.

Notables: Richard also plays with The Double Clutch band and Cal plays bass in Ivory Hours, both from London. Guests on "In a Balanced World" include Brent Jones on Organ, Acoustic Piano and Rhodes Piano and Sarah Smith does backing vocals on "Simple" and "Numbers"

Sarah Halabecki Band was the winner of the "Made in London" contest via Free Fm 98.1 in December of 2014.


Classic Rock, 90's alternative, Pop

"Innocence" - Sarah Halabecki Band

Artist: Sarah Halabecki Band
Genre: Sarah Halabecki Band
Duration: 00:04:04

Thanks to Free FM, we were able to record 2 tracks at an amazing studio in London! Sarah wrote this song when she was 16 and is beyond thrilled to hear it today with a full band recording.