About Sevendaysin

Sevendaysin is quickly emerging from the depths of southern Alberta's music scene as a heavy groove based original rock band.  Sevendaysin has no weak spot.  Each element of the band is tight, creative and entertaining.  Musicianship is off the scale.  Songcraft is absolutely brilliant.  The vibe ranges from chilled-out to charged-up, and though the style is yanked from dozens of sonic neighbourhoods there is an unmistakable quality seeped into everything that labels it pure Sevendaysin.  Sevendaysin is the band that never stops growing.  Every moment is a new beginning, with the ranks of fans swelling and the band pouring out new and incredible music at an amazing pace.  The band consistently draws large audiences throughout western Canada and are quickly becoming known throughout the rest of the country and even into the USA. 


each member has their own influences from many genres

Dirty White Lies

Dirty White Lies

album: Sevendaysin

genre: Rock

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